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You Too Can Write for Real Estate Trade Magazines

The world of real estate is vast, and day by day the public is seeing how deeply it impacts the world at large. A significant portion of the general population has much of their income tied up in their homes, so fluctuations in the real estate market tend to impact the economy.

In the past few years, more people have become aware of this relationship, and are devoting more attention to the world of real estate. Mainstream publications are jumping in on the act, and the more obscure real estate trade magazines now have more readers than ever before.

Real estate professionals read these real estate trade magazines to get an insider’s view of the business. The average consumer reads them for much the same reasons. If you’re getting started as a writer, keep in mind that these real estate trade magazines have a larger audience. Write one good story, and you’ll have a legion of loyal readers.

Trade Magazines – Hidden Gems

Real estate trade magazines don’t have the large circulations that commercial magazines do, and receive far less exposure. They’re intended for a smaller, highly-knowledgeable audience that wants to know the finer details of the real estate business. As a result, many prospective writers are scared away by these publications.

But real estate trade magazines can be a much more viable source of income than their commercial counterparts ever could. For one thing, real estate trade magazines pay comparable rates, and attract writers who know how to get the information across.

Real estate trade magazines seldom receive story pitches from freelance writers. For the most part, aspiring writers neglect them. But story pitches to one of these magazines have a much greater chance of being bought. If the article is well-received, editors at these trade magazines are also more willing to establish long-term relationships with the writer.

Contrary to popular belief, breaking in to a real estate trade magazine isn’t as difficult as it looks. The best way is with a simple story, much like you would approach a commercial magazine.

Success breeds success

First off, educate yourself on the real estate market so that you’re familiar enough with concepts like mortgages and loans. Merely owning a house will give you expertise enough, but you’re writing for a much tougher audience.

Real estate trade magazines usually start each issue with testimonials, or profiles of successful real estate agents who made a splash. Finding them is easy enough, once you’ve made contacts in your local real estate market, it will be quite easy to find out who’s making waves.

Better yet, you’ll be working with a willing subject. This initial story may not be the deepest thing you’ve ever written in your career. But it’s a step in the right direction toward much better things.

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