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Will free Computer Magazines Ever Compare to the Real Thing?

Many people scoff when they hear the word free, as generally, there is a hidden catch associated. Free computer magazines may not be one of those items to be scoffed at; in fact, they may be a source of cost-free information and content.

Free computer magazines are usual offered on a subscription basis, with a portion or even the entirety of the subscription period offered for no cost. Publishers are able to do this for a range of reasons including:


Sometimes advertising content can cover the cost of producing and distributing the product, given the possibility of increased penetration encouraged by a free product

Brand loyalty

Sometimes companies will produce free magazines in order to strengthen and promote loyalty to their brand. By distributing free computer magazines to past customers, a marketing tool is created which keeps the company at the forefront of customer’s minds.


E-zines are magazine published electronically, rather than be printed on paper and distributed through traditional retail outlets. Because E-zines don’t need to be printed, they can be produced for less, and circulated for free in some cases.

Along with all free content available to be found on the web, free computer magazines can also be used as a source of information, help, news updates, and reviews. Some of this specialized content is often very hard to find through searching, and a lot of readers habitually prefer to receive content automatically in the form of subscriptions.

Free computer magazines offer the ability to compare to “real” magazines. While some people may take a little convincing before accepting something for free, the key is in finding reputable vendors and publishers. This may not always be easy on the web, with many sites luring people into third party offers and paid subscriptions. Due diligence is required to sort through these phony and misleading websites. Some helpful hints to ensure users are getting what they’re intending might include:

• Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure there are no hidden costs with the magazine subscription.

• Google the vendor to see if anyone has left any feedback around the business, good or bad.

• See if the magazine has a sample of content, and give it a personal review. Does it compare to your paid magazines?

• Have a look at what is included in each issue, and compare to that of a paid magazine. While content might be slightly less, readers should also be receiving content which is useful and valuable to them.

• Make sure there is an opt out clause to end the subscription at any time.

• Review the privacy statement to see what your personal details will really be used for.

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