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Why Choose Online Sports Magazines Over Paper

When you print anything on paper, whether it is recycled paper or not, you use up resources such as water and energy, and if it is new paper you use then it takes even more of these resources to make the paper and kills many trees in the process. Then you might ask how can I reduce the paper waste I use in a week or monthly? The answer to this question starts with things like choosing to do more things on the computer instead of getting printed paper forms of books and magazines. You can get online sports magazines with just as much information as the ones you get through the mail that are on paper, and you will be saving some trees and resources in the process.

With the recent problems of having enough money as well as resources more and more people are trying to think green and find new and better ways to save resources and help keep the environment safe and healthy. One very important way to help go green is to convert all of your communication to electronic means. You can get newspapers online as well as getting online sports magazines and many other magazines too, and you can communicate through e mail instead of printed memos. Beginning these steps are all a good start to saving trees and resources.

We do have many trees but it takes many trees to make a ton of paper; for instance, it takes over 15 trees to make one ton of the paper used for magazines and this doesn’t really seem like too much but it all adds up. The process used in making the paper we use to print magazines uses about half as many trees as the process used to make copier paper, but it still uses many trees. If you do not need to have your magazines printed then why not only read online sports magazines instead? When you stick to reading online sports magazines you will feel really good about saving trees and you will also always be in the know when it comes to the most popular sports and sporting events. You can more quickly and easily get the latest news in sports and even the latest scores when you read online sports magazines, which is not always possible with a weekly or monthly printed magazine. Make sure you consider all of these great things about online magazines when you are trying to decide to switch to electronic magazines or e zines.


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