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When Cheap Magazines are Really not all that Cheap

Everyone is looking for a good deal on magazines these days, and purchasing cheap magazines is an option, that can help you get more for your dollar.  A good way to find cheap magazines is to look for discounts on magazines.  You would need to find magazines that have discounts on their subscription rates. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are not out there.  Since the decline of the newspaper and magazine industry, print and paper publications are offering discounts all over the place.  The competition is fierce and they want to stay in business.

Although some of these publications offer free gifts as a gimmick to sell subscriptions, don’t fall into the trap.  You must ask yourself, is this gift something I really want and will use?  Will purchasing this subscription necessarily quality falling into the category of cheap magazines if the subscription is high and I am only purchasing it for the free gift? If that is the case, your cheap magazines are no longer cheap.  You have fallen into the trap of getting the magazines solely for the purposes of getting the free gifts.  On the other hand, if the gift is something you will use and you are satisfied with it, an item that you may have even gone out and bought yourself, then yes you are benefiting from your purchase. When you factor in your magazines choices and your free gifts you are truly purchasing cheap magazines.

Another lure to attract new subscribers is direct mailing houses such as Publishing Clearing House.  Publishing Clearing House offers a great assortment of discounted magazines.  Yes there is a lot of value for the dollar and therefore these magazines can be classified as a good buy in your search for cheap magazines.  Yet again, a wise shopper must evaluate the reasons for cheap magazines shopping.  Is it to get the good value for the dollar or is it the dream of winning the sweepstakes? Many consumers purchase the magazines only because they feel their chances are greater at winning the sweepstakes if they do.  Publishers Clearing House clearly states that no one has to purchase the magazines to qualify for the sweepstake prizes but they are also banking upon the notion that people will also purchase their magazines at the same time. Unfortunately there are people that are only purchasing these magazines for a chance at the grand prize.  If this is your motivation for purchasing the magazines, then you are not purchases cheap magazines at all. You are paying for a product, which you may or may not use.

A final look at subscribing to cheap magazines, involves our ability to restrain ourselves.  “The subscribe now pay later policy,” is tempting, we can subscribe to more magazines than we realize.  However, once the bills start coming in then we fully comprehend just how much our budget was eaten up by not well thought out magazine purchases.

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