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What are Free Online Computer Magazines Really Worth?

The world of free online computer magazines has exploded along with the predominance of the internet. Magazines which would once have had gamers and IT technicians alike trekking weekly to the local newsagent, are now widely available online, digitally.

The biggest catch with some of these “magazines” are hidden costs and forms which attempt to capture personal details with malicious intent. The key to overcoming this, along with most exploited web based opportunities, is to keep virus and spyware scanners up to date. Showing due care when handing out personal details should also be at the forefront of any web surfers mind. Free virtual content is often a means to attract attention to these scams and should be approached with caution at all times. Free online computer magazines are available, with much to be learned from their contents, however please take care to avoid the many phony and invalid sources on the internet.

Moving on from the abovementioned security issues, there is wide variety of free online computer magazines available within the bounds of the World Wide Web. These publications are often used as a promotional piece for computer companies, or simply supplied in goodwill. Topics which may be covered include:

• News regarding hardware releases – what’s been recently released, reviews, recommendations, and upcoming developments.

• Reviews of software applications and games – comparisons against existing solutions, and recommendations to save the reader time and money.

• Internet news – the internet is a big place, with its own culture, news, and happenings; many publications explore this.

• Tips, tricks and troubleshooting – everyone has trouble doing something technical at sometime or other, what better way to knowledge share the solution than to publish it to a worldwide audience?

Just like regular magazines, people generally subscribe to free online computer magazines in order to stay up to date. They then generally receive notification of when a new release is available, or have it sent directly to them via email.

It’s extremely relevant to mention the irony of technology delivering a technology based publication. Not only is information delivered to an address type where its readers spend a lot of their time – a computer; it’s also delivered, received and viewed utilising the very technology explored in the content.

Online computer magazines provide the opportunity to share and deliver knowledge through publication, on a global scale. Beware of misleading or potential harmful promises, and always protect your personal details – only donating them to reputable magazine vendors. Once these vulnerabilities are overcome and retired, free online computer magazines can be leveraged to their full extent as a complimentary source of computer based information.

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