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Types of Magazines about Travel

There are many different type of magazines about travel.  What type of travel magazine you choose really depends upon your needs.  The main categories of magazines about travel include general interest, location specific and destination travel.

General Interest

General interest travel magazines give overviews of popular areas, travel tips and advice and general articles about travel experiences.  This type of travel magazine is a good place to start when you have no idea where you may go on vacation.

Some general interest magazines may provide helpful information about hotels and restaurants.  You can really begin to plan a trip using one of these magazines.  Travel all over through a general interest magazine and see where you want to visit.

Location Specific

Location specific travel magazines focus in on one region, area or destination.  These are very specific magazines that will give you all the information you need to know about a specific location.

Some location specific travel magazines will focus in on a general area or region.  This could actually include quite a few destinations and you may need to get a more specific magazine if you would like to really use it to plan your trip.

Some location specific magazines about travel will give you all the details about a certain location.  The magazine may even include reference information so you can call hotels, destinations or restaurants to make reservations or get pricing information.  These types of location specific magazines about travel will really help you to plan your trip.

Location specific travel magazines are a really bug help when you are planning a trip.  You can usually get some great information that will help you plan out your whole trip through this type of magazine.  It is best to use this type of magazine once you have an idea of where you want to go on your vacation.

Destination Travel

Destination travel magazines focus on a specific destination.  This could be a landmark, like the Grand Canyon or a city, like New York City or even a specific attraction, like Disney World.  This type of magazine is the best tool you can use to plan your vacation once you know exactly where you are going on vacation.

A destination specific magazine will give you detailed information on almost anything you need to know to plan your trip.  You can use it to fond phone numbers, addresses and usually pricing for various attractions, lodging and restaurants.

With the different types of magazines about travel you should find planning your own trip to be rather easy.  You can start by using general interest magazines to find a destination that is interesting to you and then you location specific or destination travel magazines to finalize your trip and get all the information you need.

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