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Tunes from the Car Audio Magazines

Car audio has not been around a long time, with car audio magazines around even less. But once the first real high performance of automobile audio equipment was built, automobiles took on an entirely new look. This was the development of a man by the name of Jim Fosgate, who began designing the first quality audio systems for the automobile inside his Arizona garage. Part of his design was to improve on the quality of audio systems that were inside in the homes to the point car audio magazines were as popular as his audio equipment.

This brought about his invention of the amplifier which could run low impedance loads.  It also mean it could run in stereo and mono simultaneously, which brought about Fosgate’s MOSFET design—considered to be a small design that was basically unknown at this time. On October 23, 2003, it was reported that Jim Fosgate received a special “Emmy® Award during the 2003 Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards black-tie dinner ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.”

With top notch audio systems for vehicles today, there are just as many car audio magazines for every type out there. Probably one of the top audio magazines is the “Car Audio and Electronics” published by Source Interlink, which features current news on the audio and electronics industry, and magazine experts putting out the latest articles.  Specs are provided and prices of the current equipment that is available on the market today. Topics in the many magazines include product reviews by manufacturers, news, event, technical articles, and front row features in the field today. The audience that these car audio magazines is geared towards seems to be young urban professionals and teenagers.

Many new brand names are out now for car audios, which means there should be updated information out in the latest car audio magazines geared toward them—Audio control, Belkin, Boston Acoustics, BOYO, Diesel Audio, Eclipse, Ground Shaker, Omega, Parrot, Pyle, Pyramid, Scytek, TKO Audio, and Xtant. Staying up-to-date on the current technology and news is an ongoing process, so making sure the magazine of choice stays abreast of these changes is highly important to the average consumer.

Some different high quality car audio magazines are “Auto Sound & Security”, “Total Car Audio” by A&S Publishing Ltd., “Car Audio for Dummies” by Doug Newcomb and Mike Mettler, “Car Stereo Cookbook” by Mark Rumreich, “Auto Audio” by Andrew Yoder, and “Catalog of Firebird ID Numbers, 1967-1993, by Cars & Parts Magazine. Different people enjoy reading about different things, so getting online and checking out magazine distributers such as Amazon or Value Mags will help focus more on what a person is looking for.

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