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Travel Magazines of Catalonia Will Have You Packing Your Bags

Travel magazines of Catalonia are an excellent way of learning about one of the most diverse, interesting and exciting areas of Spain.  Divided into four provinces with Barcelona being the capital city, Catalina is located in the northeastern part of Spain.  Costa Brava is part of Catalonia’s Mediterranean coastline with spectacular beaches and wonderful weather, making it a very popular tourist destination.  In travel magazines of Catalonia, there are many interesting articles on the natural beauty of the coastline characterized by picturesque, breathtaking beaches, bays and small inlets; rich vegetation; wonderful wildlife and wooded cliffs.

Many visitors to Catalonia will enjoy taking hikes, walking tours and sightseeing tours including visits to the Pyrenees Mountains and Barcelona.  Rich in ethnic tradition and deep religious convictions, there is always some type of celebration or festivity held at different times throughout the year, many with live bands, fireworks, parades and tradition Catalonia food.  With information available on these in numerous travel magazines of Catalonia, tourists are able to select from festivals such as the summer solstice celebration where they light bonfires to honor Saint John and ward off demons, misfortune and sickness.

Travel magazines of Catalonia provide a wealth of information on popular tourist attractions in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia, with something to offer all visitors including:

• The Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet – Founded in 1151 by Cistercian monks but abandoned in 1835, they restored the Poblet Monastery in the 1940’s.

• The Old Town – A maze of narrow streets, fascinating places and buildings of historical interest form Barcelona’s Old Town.  There are several major cathedrals, museums and The Ramblas, which they mention in travel magazines of Catalonia and Barcelona.  Made up of several lively, short streets forming a wide avenue, The Ramblas is a favorite spot for tourists due to its fabulous restaurants, unique shops, monuments, buildings and cafes.

• Museums – Some of the many museums mentioned in travel magazines of Catalonia include the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, which houses a wonderful collection of Romanesque art.  The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia is home to many prehistoric works of art and artifacts including the Greek statue of Asclepius.

• The Church of Sagrada Familia – Under construction since 1882, this remarkable church by architect Antoni Gaudi is an amazing sight, which they expect to complete in 2026.

Travel magazines of Catalonia will give hours of enjoyment and provide details and information on sight seeing, accommodations, shopping, transportation, currency and more, making you want to pack your bags and book a vacation.

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