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Tips for Writing Travel Magazine Articles

There is a lot of work for great writers in writing travel magazine articles.  Travel magazine articles allow you to explore the world and write about some very interesting topics.  However, there are some guidelines you should consider before you embark upon a career writing travel magazine articles.

You will need to undersatnd the industry before you can ever get started.  You should learn about the types of travel articles and what magazines seek what type of article.  You also need to be prepared to do research and understand you may be limited to writing about what you have personal knowledge about.

Know what Type of Article to Write

There are many different types of articles that are published in travel magazines.  It is important before you start writing that you learn what type of article you want to write and what market it will work for.

One type of article is a personal story type article where you tell about a vacation you took or you talk about your personal experiences while traveling.  Many magazines use this type of article, but competition is rather stiff because this is a popular type of article.

Another type of article is the factual article where you simply tell about a location or destination using factual information.  This is a very straightforward and informational type of article and is often welcomed by magazines.

There are other types of travel magazine articles and depending on the magazine you may have a lot of different options on what type of article to write.

Stick with what you Know

One of the best pieces advice when it comes to writing travel magazine articles is that you should stick to what you know.  In order to really make an article come across real and believable you need to have personal experience with the destination or location.

You will also find writing from experience makes the whole writing process easier.  When you know what you are writing about you will find it easier to figure out what to say and you will know what people really need to know.  Overall when you write about what you know you write a better article.

Find the Perfect Magazine

There are a lot of different types of travel magazines.  When you write an article you should submit it to the right type of magazine.  Otherwise you are wasting your time.

You should familiarize yourself with travel magazines.  Look at what type of articles they publish so you know what you need to write.  Also check into guidelines so you ensure you format and submit the travel magazine articles correctly.

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