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The Perfect Gift for Teenagers: Books, Comics, and Magazines

If you have any young people in your life, you have likely noticed that when occasions like birthdays, the holidays, or other celebrations roll around you are at a loss as to what is an appropriate gift.  Of course, kids are pretty into video and computer games as well as all of the electronic gadgets that make life worth living to teenagers and young adults.  Most people in this age range are perfectly content to take cash or a gift card as well. Naturally, you would prefer to give something a bit more meaningful than all of that.  The next time an occasion comes up and you need the right present think about books, comics, or magazines.  You might be concerned about creating an eye rolling event, but the right publications can make the ideal and appreciated gift for the young person in your life.

The key element involved in giving the right books, comics, or magazines is to know your audience.  It only stands to reason that if you are expected to give a person of any age a gift, you have at least spent a little bit of time with him or her.  Think back to what you know of your young person.  There is no doubt that either his or her clothing or conversation gave you a hint into their personal interests.  Rock concert T shirts could indicate a strong interest in music.  If the child plays sports of any kind, you can bet a magazine subscription or book about their favorite athlete would be very welcome indeed.  In the event that you really are stuck on the perfect subject, ask the parents.  Parents can have their own trouble coming up with gifts for their kids, but they should be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to their children’s interests.

As far as the shopping part of your exercise in book gift giving is concerned, you have several options open to you.  If you want to know what the kids are into reading these days, it might be a good idea to seek out one of the websites devoted to younger people and books.  Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people who enjoy good books, comics, and magazines.  You might get some really good ideas for titles.  Another advantage to seeking out your books, comics, and magazines selection this way is you are also likely to find a link for where to purchase your gift.

It’s simple to help promote reading, give an appropriate gift, and please the kids in your life with the present of books, comics, and magazines.  You can bet the parents will appreciate that electric plugs and batteries aren’t part of the equation.

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