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The Difference Between Computers and Magazines

Computers and magazines contain information on digital information versus hard-copy print information.  In the age of ones and zeros consumers and corporations claim that they are paper free.  Paper free workplaces claim that all their work is now done on the computer with no printed-paper.  Magazines now have online subscriptions instead of or as well as printed mailed hard copies.  Computers and magazines both offer advantages when it comes to preferred media.

The magazine dates back to the mid 1700s.  Portable and full of information ranging from latest styles to politics the magazine has always been easy to carry and readily available.  The magazine stand once could be found on every corner.  Now the magazine stand is located in the neighborhood bookstore.  The magazine has evolved from a one title cover document with a few pages of text to a bright, text and image filled attention grabber with content written to precision.  With the invention of computers, creators of magazines have had to post online versions as well as the hard copy.   The top magazines of today post just as much content on the Internet as they do in the magazine.  Computers and magazines are power research tools when knowledge of a topic is needed.

Computers and magazines co exist today.  Browse a hot topic on the web and you will find a published magazine article that you will also find on the shelves of the bookstore.  Magazine publishers now have the ability of reaching many different markets at one time.  Their article on computer technology can be read in the dentist office from a hardcopy while a PDA can display the same article over the web on the subway.   For quick reference in the office customers search the Internet to find a topic.  That same topic is in the magazine that sits on their coffee table at home.  Computers and magazines are intertwined in everyday life.        When researching a particular topic computers and magazines offer the best of both worlds.  Magazines usually contain articles of a particular topic so once the right magazine is found the information becomes readily available.  The computer, however, is more powerful in that a topic can be searched for with limitless possibilities of results.  Magazines, forums and emails can all be queried to find the desired results.

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