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The Creative World Of Art Magazines

The world of art magazines is just as creative and plentiful as the art world itself.  There are magazines that cover just about every realm of art.  Magazines have become an important tool to get information out to the correct target group and have even sparked interest in the very curious.

Types Of Art Magazines

Just like there are many types of art, there are just as many types of magazines covering the span of the art community.  A small sample of art magazines would include: • American Art and Review • Art and Auction • Art Calendar • Art magazines specializing in a certain languages • Art magazines for certain countries • Different art magazines centering on a specific art form

Target Markets

Clearly the main topic of art magazines would be art, but who are these magazines for?  Well, some of these markets may be interested: • Galleries • Buyers • Artists • Students • Professors or art teachers • General art lovers

As you can see, anyone who picks up an art magazine can be informed and entertained.  The topics covered could be about such art periods as: • Contemporary • Ancient • Renaissance • Modern and more

However, when someone mentions art magazines then many people may think only about paintings.  What about these art forms? • Music • Literature • Poetry • Sculpting • Photography • Mosaics • There is an endless list of art forms and each one of those could be broken down to time period, art mediums, styles, and more. Art Magazine Articles

Okay, so these magazines are about art.  One may ask what are the articles about, specifically?  Well, art magazines gives the reader an inside track on what is hot.  They are able to peek inside the art world of other cultures and countries.  This assists art teachers with teaching their students about art from other areas and it gives their students a broader idea of what others are doing.

Some of these art magazines will list local galleries and their schedule of featured artists.  Or it may feature a certain artist and where an admirer may catch some of there pieces.  Art magazines will also list upcoming auctions, art events, benefits, and reviews of the art world.

The economy, social aspects, and physical aspects of our ever-changing world could affect the art market and it is important to get the word out.  A lot of these magazines will have news correspondents around the world so that they may get the up to date news.  There are magazines that compile national and international art articles and publish them into one art magazine.  This gives a reader a broad overview of what is happening all around.

Art magazines are more then pretty pages that are stapled together.  They will allow a reader to dive into the enigmatic world of art, even if it is only for the moment.

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