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Take Advantage Of the Discount On Student Art Magazines

Are you currently an art school student or a member of your university art department’s graphic design program?  If the answer is yes, then you have had the opportunity to help produce annual student art magazines to showcase the abilities of your fellow students in a well-constructed publication.  As a student, you probably have the option to take advantage of a special discount on student art magazines.

In fact, there are many schools that make this discount for student art magazines available for a selection number of students (i.e. those students directly involved in the production of the magazine and those that contributed works to the publication).  The general student body and non-students must pay the full price of purchase.

Yet, other schools have a more open policy about who gets a discount on student art magazines.  For instances, all matriculating students may be eligible for automatic discounts.  Discounts may be distributed via contests or special giveaways.  It is always possible that a discount for student art magazines may be available on the university or art school’s website.

There is no better way to show off your unique artistic talents than to buy discount student art magazines for all of your closest friends and relatives.  When you receive those glossy magazines filled with full color images of your fines student works, that sense of accomplishment is renewed.  Receiving a discount on student art magazines may allow you to buy more copies than you would have otherwise.

From a professional standpoint, discount student art magazines can serve an added purpose as part of your artist’s portfolio.  With multiple copies, you can send one out to each of your prospective employers once school is out.  Bulk discounts are especially useful since you can get copies at a discount.  Student art magazines are not always cheap to produce, but it still pays the school to make sure that discounts are available when they can be used to promote the school (and its students.).

Are you in a position to get a discount on student art magazines?  Why not take advantage of the opportunity and put them to good use to help your career while also providing a vehicle for self-promotion in other artistic endeavors?  Also, think about the money you will save!   Why turn down a discount?  The student art magazines you purchase with it can pay you back in new opportunities and a sense of gratification.

Get your hands on a student art magazine and see what you can accomplish.  You never know what a simple discount on a your school’s art magazine might lead to.

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