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Switch to Free Online Music Magazines

Why pay for something that is available to you for free? The idea seems silly when you put it that way, but people still are doing just that. When you look into all the possibilities for free online music magazines you will never buy a paper copy of a magazine ever again. Printed magazines are not all bad or anything but you will find the more you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of paper versus electronic, electronic wins a lot of the time. You may be asking, what are some advantages of free online music magazines? The answer starts with one word, free, the idea of getting something free that you once paid for may seem foreign to you but it is something you will need to get used to if you are going to switch to free online music magazines as a substitute for printed magazines. The reason you can still have a good quality magazine and not have to pay for it is because the cost goes from, what ever it costs to print in both paper and ink, to zero because it is not printed. Sure there will still be some costs like for writers and photographers but the magazines still sell print copies and also sell advertisement space in their magazines.

One major advantage of reading a free online music magazine instead of a printed magazine is you will never again have to clean up all those slips of paper that fall out of the book every time you pick it up. Not sure about you but I hate those little slips of paper falling out every time I read the magazine. If you read your magazine outside you might be fined for doing so, if those paper slips fly away from you and go on to littler the streets.

Seriously, the free online music magazines have all the same news, interviews, and music reviews that you will find in a traditional printed style magazine but without all the wasted paper and cost for printing. You probably use your computer for everything already so why not make the switch over to electronic magazines instead of collecting all those magazines to have to burn or throw away later. If you really need the paper because you have a shortage of fire wood and only a wood burning furnace to heat your home then you may still need to buy printed magazines; however if you live in modern times where our heat is electric then you will have no problem sticking with free online music magazines.

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