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Surf for Art Magazines On the Web

The internet has become a part of many lives.  It has enabled us to access vast amounts of information from the comfort of our homes and offices.  Schools use it as a vital tool for their students, so they can keep on the edge of education.  Art magazines are apart of that world too.  Most people go to their computers to answer questions, seek information about a topic, or find that certain something they have been looking for, including art.  Magazines on the web can help increase publication numbers and distribution areas.

Type in a search for art magazines on the web and it is amazing what will pop up.  Funny how some things come through that are not even art related but maybe about a person named Art.  Just about anything can be listed but a few to watch out for are:

• – This site is considered to be the artist’s network and understandably so.  It is truly the online destination for art inspirations, tips, and products.  Their homepage is swimming with links and information tidbits that will lead to even more information.  Some of the links are under such subjects as:  “Articles, Community, Blogs, Competitions, Audio/Video, Art Magazines, Books, Resources, and Shopping”.  You can say sign up for their free email newsletter, complete one of their artist crossword puzzles, or read one of many biographies.  How about finding out new ways to express your art by exploring one of the many workshop links or trying one of their featured products?  See what other artists are doing by discovering the art gallery.  Art magazines on the web can be an endless journey of discovery.

• – This awesome search site lists several art magazines on the web.  Along with the list, they briefly describe the magazine and then you can link right to it, so you are able to explore it further.

• – This page has several things to link to.  Check out the reviews of art exhibits and art books or you can peruse through their archive of reviews to find one that will fit your interest.  Stay on top of all the art news by reading what is going on nationally and internationally.  This art magazine on the web also has compiled a list of galleries, museums, exhibit halls, universities, and other establishments that are featuring different arts.  You can even link to auctions to see what is going up or see what has been sold and for how much.

Art magazines on the web can be a very useful instrument for many who are involved in the art world. If you are in the business, a student, or just consider art a hobby then see what is offered by the way of art magazines on the web.

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