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Subscriptions Magazines and Free Gifts

We live in a world of memberships subscriptions; magazines, journals, online services, paying subscriptions, discount subscriptions, free subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions. How do you we wade through the barrage of information out there?  How do we decide which are the best subscriptions? Magazines alone can overload our brain. There are so many kinds of subscriptions. Magazines provide so much information on so many topics that it is impossible to keep up with every magazine subscription on every topic out there. Like anything else what we subscribe to must be what we really want and do need.  Selections should not be made on whim.

Family budget also puts a damper on the purchasing of subscriptions. Magazines are so alluring, with wonderful covers designed to catch the eye and empty the pocket book. Most people start slowly.  They buy a single issue like what they see and are tempted to take out a subscription.  Don’t worry, the magazine publishers are well aware of this and they add little gimmicks to promote subscriptions buying by magazine readers.

Some times a free gift is given as an incentive.  Time magazine is famous for their little free gimmicks like a camera or a watch.  Some gifts offered by various magazines were very nice while others were tacky, they sounded great until you actually received them. For example a figurine appearing as about 8 inches in the photograph offered as a free gift was actually about 3 or 4 inches when you received it at home. Some people thought they were receiving a valuable gift only to be disappointed when a cheep facsimile of product they thought they were getting was actually sent.  To appease disgruntled subscription buyers, the magazine publishing houses started saying keep the free gift even if you cancel the subscription, that way they defused the anger and disappointment from a lot of the free gifts that were less than what the purchaser expected.

Nevertheless, many fell into the trap of purchasing magazine subscriptions simply to get the free gift after which they were left with a subscription that they really didn’t want.  Sometime the lure of the free gift, like free exray glasses for a child was more alluring than the magazine itself.

This gimmick worked quite well, publishers were well aware of the psychology of getting something for nothing.  People were thinking “ I can get a great camera worth at least $50.00 for a mere $15.00 subscription how could I go wrong.”  Unfortunately finding a good deal was often like finding a needle in a haystack, yes, reputable companies such as Time magazine offered good value but did that mean every magazine followed suit? This was where the consumer had to be selective in their subscriptions. Magazines publishing companies were out to make a dollar just like any other company.  Often these great gifts were no more valuable than the free surprise in a  Cracker Jacks box.

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