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Spray It On With Graffiti Art Online Magazines

When you drive by the spray painted building with some gang name or painting, did you ever stop and think that graffiti is considered to be an art form?  Well, check out one of the many graffiti art magazines or graffiti art online magazines and you can be a witness to this newer art form.

People have been photographing graffiti since its inception as a way to record history.  Then in the early 1980’s, graffiti fans decided to share this art with the world and thus the first graffiti art magazine came to print.  The radical 80’s left and we entered the 90’s and with that came newer technology and it has developed even more.  This allowed fans to spread the word even further with the births of the internet and websites.  Plus they were able to take the newfound technology and start printing their own graffiti art magazines and graffiti art online magazines when the mainstream publishers did not want a thing to do with them.  Having their own publications enabled young artists and fans to show the talents of these unique artists through their own perspectives by writing their own articles and taking their own photos.

There has been a flood of graffiti art and online magazines available to those who are interested. developed a website that enables you to peruse just about any graffiti art magazine out there.  There are professional and novice magazines listed.  However, here are a few to definitely check out:

• Graffiti – This Brazilian based magazine primarily covers the Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo.  You can read interviews with How & Nosm, check out the spread on the graffiti “no fashion” week, and explore the popular hobby of body painting.

• Day in the Lyfe Magazine – This New Jersey, United States magazine has been in more demand so now is available in nationwide bookstores.  There are articles and pictures from around the world.  You can discover Australia, Canada, Amsterdam, and Slovakia and their take on graffiti art.  Magazines like this keep you up to date with the international coverage that is recorded.

• Four G’s Magazine – This non mainstream magazine covers the four g’s of:  Graffiti, Guns, Girls, and Ganja.  The cover art is created by graffiti artists like Chris Jehly and Ricky Watts.  The featured articles cover things like “10 of California’s graffiti crews”, or read the exclusive interview with artist Alex Pardee of Zero Friends.

The larger graffiti art magazines cover more ground, but the novice publications and graffiti art online magazines can really get to the meat of the subject.  These artists have expressions they feel are best shown on the side of buildings, trains, bridges, and other non-traditional canvases.  This is the edgy world of graffiti art.  Magazines help get their unique art out into our mainstream world.

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