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Searching for Macintosh Computer Magazines

There are two major brands of computers, pc and Mactinosh and therefore there are computer magazines specific to each brand.  Apple Macintosh has been around for a while and the needs of these computer owners will be different from the needs of the pc owner.  Although some of the newer applications can be read on either computer for the most part, the software does remain different and there is a need to have computer magazines geared for the Macintosh community is essential.

Macintosh computer magazines have come and gone throughout the years and so it can be difficult at times to keep up with the flow.  There are websites such as Macintosh magazines that will keep you abreast of the Macintosh computer magazines currently available.

Top of the line in Macintosh computer magazines is MacLife formerly known as Mac Addict Maclife will fill you in on everything you need to know about your computer, its functions, and how to use it to its full potential.  You will find the latest in Macintosh updates and news within the industry at large.  You will be kept abreast of any computer recalls, malfunctioning hardware or software, as well as top of the line and standard hardware and software to choose from.

Maclife has a review section, which has proven to be very helpful.  Informed consumers want to know from the average mac user how well their system is operating and why.  This is where a product review comes in handy. The Maclife website has interactive forums and blogs to suit the socially oriented user or the mac user that needs immediate attention for a certain problem or issue to resolve. Visit the site to see all that this great website and magazine can offer.

Another great magazine recommended for Macintosh computer magazines searchers is the MacJack Magazine. MacJack Magazine is a magazine published in Japan.  This magazine is “way out there” testing the limits.  It is a “thinking out of the box” kind of magazine.  Reviewers have cautioned that this magazine does have sexual content.  However as we say, “do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.” This magazine is recommended by the website as being their pick because of its innovations and fresh approach to Mac technology.

Another good website promoting Macintosh computer magazines, is Macintosh Resources here you will find such magazines as MacHome, MacWorld and MacTidbits.  This site is a virtual resource center that will help you find games and applications and just about any family oriented Macintosh user need.

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