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RC Car Magazines

The RC Car Magazines consist of two different types, the Hi-Torques RC Car Magazines and the Extreme RC Car Magazines.  Many others are available, but these seem to be the top two. The Hi Torque’s RC Car Magazines are for the devoted true radio control car enthusiast. It is filled with racing events, the latest radio control products and equipment, classified ads, and information on how-to-do things.

Meanwhile, the Extreme RC Car Magazines are more detailed than most radio control car magazines, and offers lots of informative reviews. A how-to article helps the consumer with their home projects and is considered #9 in the popularity list for Radio Operation Magazines.

Radio control cars are referred to as an RC car, a remote control toy which can also involve airplanes, trucks, or helicopters.  The radio controlled cars and also the remote control cars are completely different in that wires are placed between the remote control cars and the controlling remote, but not between the radio controlled cars. The RC car magazines have lots of technical articles which explain how to control the particular type of RC car’s speed and maneuvering with a hand held tool pretty similar to a radio controlled car.

When two remote control cars are involved in playing, competing, or practicing, they can be raced against each other with the type of hand-held devices used—one used as a controller and the other as a transmitter. But two radio-controlled cars would require two different frequencies of the cars to be raced. The hand held controller would require a battery for it to run, with pushing particular buttons allowing the vehicle to be powered and controlled the car device.  A fun device, RC car magazines help choose the RC car to buy through reviews of the one being looked at or one possibly being purchased.

In a remote control car, pushing a button down will cause the vehicle to drive forward; releasing it will cause it to engage in reverse. To make the car stop, the device must be turned off. Of course, each RC car has different options, with the RC Car Magazines offering many different brands and levels of qualities. The better ones make tighter turns and higher speeds, and can be stopped with turning it off completely.

The very  best full function RC options can be designed with up to seven new actions—reversing right and left, forward right and left, forward or reverse—with the final action to have the RC come to a complete stop without pressing on any of the buttons. The only way to get it out of the stop mode is to push on another button. The latest developments are to input joysticks as well as buttons—make it even more complex but providing high levels of maneuvering.  Considered the highest of advance systems, the consumer has the optimum control of their RC car which are preferred by many enthusiasts and those who compete seriously—and the good thing is they cost much less than the ones with advanced options.

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