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Popular Computer Magazines, Cutting Edge Information

Technology moves at lightning fast speeds.  Today there are on average 2 computers in every household in the United States.  The cost of computer hardware has come down so much that they are nearly disposable.  Home users now have more digital music on their computer than they have compact discs.  Family photo albums are now digital slide shows shown on the TV rather than books of printed images.  To keep up on all the drastic changes in technology, reach for the latest copy of the popular computer magazines available today.

New technology used in the home has many possibilities.  Video projectors are now high resolution and affordable.  Projectors once were just used for business presentations and movie theaters.  Today, thanks to advances in lighting technology, projectors are physically small and similar in price to TVs.  Projectors can be setup in a living room to create a home theater environment.  Refrigerators are now available with built in computer systems.  The built in computer reports out the refrigerators temperature and even has the capability of managing the food inventory.  If the system is setup you can program the computer use the Internet to order an item from a participating grocer once the item is gone from the refrigerator.  Popular computer magazines can be used as a great tool for shopping for these new technologies.

Advances in technology have touched the security industry as well.  Eye and finger scanners were once just dreamed of in the movies.  Today laptops and desktops can be secured with biometric devices that require the users finger to log into their computer.  The latest on biometric technology can be read about in the popular computer magazines published today. Law enforcement security is now testing a body scanner that reads emotions and body temperatures to determine if an individual could pose a threat.

Nanotechnology is quickly becoming a reality.  Nanotechnology, or nanotech, allows scientists and computer engineers to build chips and processors on extremely small surfaces, for example the head of a pin.  These small chips can be used as storage devices to house data in small places as well as computer chips to create watch sized computer systems.  Information regarding nanotechnology can be found in popular computer magazines.  Nanotech can be used to create global positioning systems for tracking endangered wildlife in any climate as well as unnoticed by the animal due to its small size.  The military can use nanotech to create unnoticeable spy objects to plant in or around suspected terrorists to capture critical information.

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