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Plus size Fashion Magazines Available for Larger Men, Woman and Teens

Once a forgotten industry now a thriving robust industry for plus size individuals, plus size fashion magazines are now meeting the demand. Not every one has the ideal shape and plus size fashion magazines are not only bringing this issue to the forefront but glorifying the body image, they are helping to create better self esteem among larger body shaped individuals.  Plus size fashion magazines, while photographing beautiful plus size runway models also showcase fashionable clothing and apparel.

In the USA, Lane Bryant, became the first company to introduce the line of plus size clothing, however other countries such as Canada lagged far behind. Lane Bryant is the brand name of the Flagcats USA clothing giant founded in 1901.

Six years later Lerner Shops of Manhattan New York started its plus size fashion lines.

Keeping with the trend of great fashion for plus size women, the retail chain Roaman’s was founded in 1932. Roaman’s was another Manhattan stylish clothing for plus size women retail chain. Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue fashions finally made the grade for plus size fashion magazines.

An Internet search will bring you to many plus size fashion magazines.  The famed website has provided a listing of plus size fashion magazines for women at

Unfortunately Mode Magazine, the magazine for plus size women bringing the special sparkle of Vogue Magazine fashions stopped publication in 2001.

However other plus size fashion magazines have taken its place.

The teen scene has also made the fashion pages. Extra Hip is created by Katie Arons, a model who has met the needs of this young and often neglected teen population.

Venus Divas is great magazine for larger women who just want to feel sexy. This web site offers women and teens advice on how to wear the proper clothing to accentuate their figures and curves in a positive light. Venus Divas is an interactive website offering a mailing list and forum boards to communicate with other plus size women and teens.

Let us not forget about plus size fashion magazines for men.  Men want to be just as fashionable as women, and Rochester Big & Tall*GOOGLE*LOCATIONS*INTERNAL is dedicated to finding the stylish clothes to fit this male population. Their motto is that they, “Take style to the limit.”

Health & Style, the online Magazine by Ayusveda also highlights men fashion and offers articles about the male need for fashion as well fashion tips.  This magazine is a comprehensive female/male magazine also focusing on health, home, lifestyle, entertainment, and much more.

Good news for everyone, male and female alike, if you are interested in looking good and dressing good regardless of your shape or size check out the plus size fashion magazines to get some ideas when you do not fit the average person or slim person’s body shape.

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