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Peruse This List Of Art Magazines

You are interested in art, maybe you are a student or in the business of art so it is important to stay abreast of what is new in the art world.  You have decided to read an art magazine; list of these can be quite extensive.  Where do you start and are you able to access them from a newsstand in your area or should you subscribe to one and have it delivered directly?  A list of art magazines would be helpful but not sure where to find one?  Well, read on to find out a few magazines that may be helpful to you.

This is a small list of art magazines available:

• American Art Collector – This is a monthly art publication that offers a full online edition for its subscribers.  It is written for collectors, galleries, and painters of traditional art.

• Art Forum – This long running contemporary art magazine is printed ten times a year.  It also offers a website where you can check out articles and the book forum, which reviews art books.

• Arts of Asia – This has been on the list of art magazines since it premiered in 1970.  It features arts and antiques of Asia and is printed six times a year.  The magazine has the largest circulation of an Asian art magazine printed with a distribution area that covers over 80 countries.

• Lenswork – This high quality publication emphasizes articles and photographs of artists in the photography world for artists of the same.  They are able to read articles and study featured photographs.

• Southwestern Art – As its name states, this is on the list of art magazines for those who are interested in southwestern art and all that it encompasses.

• Surface – This edgy contemporary magazine is published bimonthly in New York (United States).  Design and emerging art talents are at its core.

• Art World – This newer bimonthly magazine is based in London (United Kingdom), but has an international outlook.  This contemporary art magazine lists high quality reproductions for those to become informed and inspired to read more about the art world.  In each issue, the reader is introduced to a wide range of new art.

It is obvious that if you want to stay on the edge of any business then you need to stay informed.  Checking out this list of art magazines may spark a new way to do so.  Most of these magazines have a website, so you can get a taste of what they have to offer and some have introductory subscription deals.  So, if you need a new art magazine for your gallery or you are just interested in art then check out a list of art magazines and enjoy hours of reading.

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