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Paintings at Your Fingertips With Online Art Magazines

The Internet has done so many things for people, but the key selling point is that you can access information, on any subject, in a blink of an eye and a touch of the keyboard.  This is the same with the art community.  Online art magazines have made it possible to gain insight to the many facets of art.  Not only can you have the news at your fingertips, but also online art magazines offer many free articles and an opportunity to check out a magazine before purchasing a subscription.  Some of the topics available within these online art magazines include:

• Issues going on in the art world, both past and present • Dance • Media • Music • Publishing • People • Theatre

Excellent Examples

The Internet is a massive connection to unlimited amounts of information and online art magazines are not excluded in this.  A mere sampling of what you can review would be:

• – Website links, posts and blogs from around the world, YouTube broadcasts, and classifieds for jobs, internships, education, and business opportunities.

This informative online art magazine also offers snippets of news articles on their homepage with links to read further.  Some of the articles have newsworthy information like:

• Visual art – Sales of art do not seem affected by the slow economy.  This is due to the fact that most art sales are done over a lengthy time instead of an impulse buy.

• Theatre – Andrew Lloyd Webber is offering free tickets to his musicals to local bankers that have become unemployed due to the credit crunch.

Another prime example of an online art magazine comes from Canada. has many pleasing layouts for their readers.  A few things you can discover would be:

• They focus on all aspects of the art community in Canada and by those nationals now around the world.

• Colorful slideshows of the visual arts, in the form of prints, paintings, upcoming shows, or events that pertain to the art community.

• Their top 5 list of upcoming gallery showings.

• Links to their free email mailings that gives you the information first on upcoming gallery openings, news around the town, reviews of the latest, and recommendations for things to see and do.

One last (but not least) example of online art magazines has a different twist to it. targets the do-it-yourself artist in us all.  If you are even remotely interested in trying something artsy then you need to check out their links to their blogs, magazines, videos or podcasts for projects like: • Make your own Blubber Bot • Assemble a HYDRA game console • Create a magnetic wall chess set

The artist in us all could discover any number of endless possibilities.

Online art magazines truly make it possible to access what is happening in every facet of art throughout the world

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