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Online Magazines Is the Way of the Future

With the advent of the Internet, just about everything is available online from clothing and merchandize, to interactive games and websites galore.  Governments, worksites, and the media have contributed to the information highway.  It would only make sense that since just about everything is assessable online these days that it would include online magazines.

Magazine publishers can select two ways of publishing their magazines, which the majority of them do.  We still have the traditional print and paper magazines versions and many of these traditional print and paper companies have opened up websites and also produced an electronic version, or part of their print and paper version online.  Online magazines electronic publication is the way of the future.

Many traditional companies are folding and just finding it too hard to maintain the publishing costs involved in traditional publishing alone.

The newspaper and magazine publishing market is tough.  Fewer people are buying traditional print forms of magazines, finding the new online versions easier to access.  There is no delay for reading your favorite articles when you want them, there is no waiting for the postman, finding your issue is delayed, or just plain lost in the mail.

Online magazines provide a cheaper alternative and are often free. However the traditional print and paper company must still contend with publishing costs for the subscribers that they have retained.

A traditional magazine publisher employs many people and requires a brick and mortar building.  There is staff to pay in the printing business, from editors to photographers and secretaries.  There is cleaning staff to keep the premises clean.  There are the printing machines to maintain and the cost of ink and paper and other expenses.  There is rent or taxes on the commercial property and heating, lightening, window cleaning, and other building maintenance costs as well.

The cost alone for shipping and handling especially for international publishers is enough to discourage many subscribers from purchasing these magazines.  Declining subscriptions and rising publishing costs have forced many companies to go out of business while others have had to offset their loses by providing an online version of their magazine.

One of the greatest photojournalism magazines of all time, Life Magazine closed down it doors in 2007 once again.  It blamed the reason for closure on the “declining newspaper industry and poor advertising predictions.” What they did instead was to publish electronically.  Life magazine reopened for business upon the world wide net.  Now you can revisit most of all your old favourite photos, and articles, on the net with Life’s online magazine.

If there is anyone out there who thinks that online magazines, is just a fad, or online magazine websites are limited in their services, think again. Online magazines have it all.


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