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Men Fashion Magazines What is Hot in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion has hit center stage.  A once woman dominated arena has spread out in the male population.  The men’s fashion industry has exploded due to the direct effects of men fashion magazines.

In the lineup of men fashion magazines, there is a new kid on the block, Another man was launched in 2005 and has attracted the eye of many celebrity men figures such Casy Afflick, Ethan Hawke, Ben Whishaw, Joaquin Phoenix, and more male celebrities who have graced the pages and covered of this Dazed Group publishing Company.  Another man, counterpart to mega huge Another Magazine gears to the sophisticated male, in the contemporary world.  Its articles are on literature, fashion, culture and the utmost in luxury.

Classic Style Magazine is a specialty magazine for men with a particular style in mind.  Classic Style magazine caters to the well-dressed male bringing the fashion of a classic American era, “ The golden era of Americana” where jazz, art deco, wine and classic movies were all the rage. This vintage fashion publication hit the men fashion magazines circuit in 2006.  Classic Style Magazine is a Key Publishing Group magazine.

Debonair Magazine high on the men fashion magazine list is a vibrant and exuberating magazine jam filled with fashions for the debonair. Debonair Magazine offers fashion for men and women, advise on sex and relationships, tips on health, food and wine, home, style, travel, gallery showings, videos and more.  Debonair is more than just one of the men fashion magazines it has its finger on the pulse of today’s modern man.

Straight from the UK, Maxim magazine has everything to do with the life style of men; fashion, girls, video cars, tips on relationships and more.  Maxim offers everything that entertains and concerns the world of men today.

GQ standing for gentlemen quarterly is also on the list of top men fashion magazines.  GQ magazine is devoted to the male culture, publishing articles on fashion and accessories.  There are articles on food, travel, videos, books, sex, technology, and just about everything that would dominate a man’s world. GQ is considered an upscale magazine catering to an older male population than Maxim Magazine, but it still keeps abreast of all that concerns a man of the world.

Vogue Men, living up to the Vogue Magazine tradition, it a comprehensive magazine featuring the greatest male celebrities of all time, fashion, cover stories, political issues, health, food, travel, finance, books, and so much more.  On the cover of the first issue, the most debonair, actor George Clooney poses in style. Other celebrities including, former prime minister Tony Blair, Denzel Washington, golf pro Tiger Woods, and presidential hopeful, Barack Obama have been featured as well.  Vogue Men is an international publication in many countries such as France, Italy, and Japan.

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