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Magazines, Sports Illustrated in Particular, Are a Great Source for Sports News

Concerning American magazines, Sports Illustrated is one of the most popular in the entire country. Sports Illustrated Magazine has been running since the year 1954, and in the years since then it has become one of the most well known magazines about sports. Over 20 million people weekly, read the magazines, Sports Illustrated puts out. The magazines Sports Illustrated has out currently include the swimsuit issue, which has been produced since the year 1964 and the weekly running Sports Illustrated Magazine covering various sports.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue began circulation years after the regular magazine was started and is a great addition to the already popular magazine. Calendars and television shows featuring the girls, in the magazine, are just a few examples of just how popular this part is for the magazines. The articles contained in this magazine are filled with entertaining and funny facts about the sports you love as well as good informative news on sports. If you are interested in getting the latest in sporting news then Sports Illustrated is the magazine for you. The failing of two other magazines called Sports Illustrated left a gap for the beginning of the current Sports Illustrated that started in 54. There was some concern that if the previous sports magazines had failed that there may not be a big audience for sports in magazines, but as you well know there was and it led to the ultimate success of the magazines, Sports Illustrated has in circulation.

After the magazine had decided to go with the name Sports Illustrated then they were able to start thinking of new things to do with a magazine, these things included the high use of color photos in the magazine as well as the addition of sports cards in the middle of the magazines, which were new things at the time. The initial goal of this new sports magazine was to become the best magazine and the one people think of when you mention sports and magazines.

The popularity of the magazines like Sports Illustrated shows that there is a definite market for sports news and entertainment in magazines. Sports Illustrated has become a leader among them and may be the most well known sports magazine in the entire United States. Reading Sports Illustrated Magazine will help you will find the best sports articles and great photos you can enjoy, you will also find the best news articles, scores and standings that are available in sports magazines.

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