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Magazines Fitness From Hard Muscles to Heart Smart

We live in a health conscious world where the emphasis is on healthy living.  Eating the right foods and exercising is of major concern for most people today.  Various magazines fitness awareness articles focus on the concerns and needs of this growing segment of our society. Eating well, diet and exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques are key points that magazines fitness publications crusade.

In an effort to curb the rise in obesity in Canada, the Canadian government promoted the Participaction Program.  Particpaction promoted eating well and exercise.  The Participaction Program was the rage from 1980 – 1986 and funded by corporate sponsors and Health Canada.  Printed bulletins and other publications were widely distributed to the media, through many magazines fitness issues and newspapers within the country.  Television ads flooded the airways.  Today there is a call for the resurfacing of this program in Canada.

Heart Smart is another Canadian program created to keep Canadians healthy.  Several Canadian magazines fitness issues have been devoted to this worthy cause.  Heart Smart focuses on the foods that are nutritious and low in sodium, cholesterol, and calories. Again ads in newspapers, TV, radio and more have been taken out across the country.  Your Health Magazine provides a website giving you important information to keep your heart healthy.

Many body-shaping magazines fitness oriented publications are devoted to muscle building. These magazines are available for men and women alike.

For men, we have old favorites such as Iron Man Magazine this magazine selects issues on health, nutrition and weight training. With bodybuilding the hardcore focus of the magazine.

Flex Magazine another hardcore weight training publication and is the companion magazine for Muscle & Fitness, Both of these magazines are Joe Weider magazines, Muscle & Fitness publishes articles on fitness, health, nutrition, body building and vitamin supplements.

Some female weight training and body building magazines on fitness include Muscles & Fitness Hers The magazine also offers dietary tips, tips on maintaining good muscle mass, weight training, sports and all around topics on women’s health.

For Women Fitness Rx devoted to women’s issues, health, training, fitness, bodybuilding, palates and more.

Many general magazines for men and women alike also focus on food, diet and fitness issues.

For a larger selection on health and fitness magazines, don’t hesitate to do a google or yahoo search.

When looking for health-oriented magazines, fitness, diet, and more, remember they come in various forms. For example, fashion magazines, and women’s and men’s magazines look at various areas such as exercise and beauty from palates to muscle building.  The trick is to find a magazine and a program that is overall effective and meets your lifestyle, goals and expectations.

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