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Lasso Around Some Art Western Magazines

Many people think horses, cowboy boots, men in dusty jeans wear, and endless sky when they hear the word western.  Well, art western magazines can change those opinions.  Pick up any beautifully designed art western magazine and you will see for yourself.

Everyone may have a style art they are interested in and some may even collect pieces from one artist, this is also true for those art western enthusiasts.  However, how do you stay up on the latest news from the world of art western?  Magazines are a great way.  You can access bits of information from different areas and read the articles to find out who is buying what and for what price.  A couple of titles to jot down would be:

• Art Western Magazine – This monthly publication is a true western art collector’s magazine.  The articles are written for collectors, galleries, and painters of this unique art form.  You can preview hundreds of paintings from exhibits and auctions that are about to open.  You can compare prices of the artwork and find out what’s happening at the auctions.  If you are a collector then you may find a new artist to add to your hunt.

• Western and Wildlife Art Magazine – This art western magazine combines two similar topics.  Western life and wildlife seem to go hand in hand.  Those who work on the western prairies respect and cherish the wildlife that makes it their home.  The artists are able to capture their true nature and make it come alive to the admirer.  This bi-monthly international journal not only features those artists but also concentrates on conservation.  You are able to read articles and reviews of artists, books, galleries, sales, and shows that are related to this breathtaking art and the conservation efforts made for the wildlife.

• Western Art and Architecture – This art western magazine takes design to a new level.  It will show how expert designers and architects weave the love of the west into buildings and homes.  We are not talking just lassos and boots hung on the wall, but architectural wonders that are inspired by this mysterious way of life and perhaps a time that has gone past.

Cowboys, horses, dust, and hats are just the beginning of this unique art form.  Many people are captivated by the lifelike images that appear when they study western art techniques.  Art western magazines allow you to step inside of this world and read about how the artists get their inspiration.  When you study some of the featured pieces you are able to almost hear what is going on in the paintings or see a sculpture take life.  Also, you may be able to take some of that art western influence and introduce it to your home with tasteful architectural techniques.  However you are a part of this art world, art western magazines will keep you up to date and informed.

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