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Just What are Sports Illustrated Magazines?

Sports Illustrated is a very popular sports magazine in America. It has been in circulation since the year 1954, and since then has become one of the most well known as well as popular sports magazines in the entire U.S. Millions of people read Sports Illustrated magazines each week and it doesn’t look like that will slow down any time soon. The Sports Illustrated magazines include the swimsuit issue, which comes out every year and has been since the year 1964.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue started ten years after the magazine itself was started and is a very popular edition to the already popular magazine. The swimsuit issue of the magazine is very popular, enough even to have calendars and television shows featuring the girls in the magazine. Sports Illustrated magazines are full of very informative sports articles as well as very entertaining articles about your favorite teams. The current Sports Illustrated magazine is the only survivor from the original three Sports Illustrated magazines that have been started. The first two sports illustrated magazines that cam out in the 40’s became failures and left a gap open for the Sports Illustrated to some out in the year 1954. Before the beginning of the current sports illustrated magazine there was worry and discussions of whether sports was a popular enough subject to have a weekly running magazine become successful. It has been shown by the current popularity of Sports Illustrated magazine as well as the other very popular magazines that the answer to their question was yes.

Interestingly enough the fact that the magazine is called Sports Illustrated is simply because to buy the rights to the name Sports Illustrated was only ten thousand dollars and the name they wanted Sport would have cost them two hundred thousand dollars. The goal of the magazine from the very inception was to become “the” sports magazine, and if you ask people today about sports magazines they will probably mention Sports Illustrated.

The Sports Illustrated magazines had in them many, new at the time, additions that people wouldn’t even notice today including many color photos, and things like putting sports cards in the middle of the magazine. You can find article in the magazine these days on any and every subject related to sports you want to know about. Reading sports magazines of all kinds will help you stay updated on the latest news in sports and standings etc., but in Sports Illustrated you will find top of the line sports articles and photos you could hang up on your wall, which many of us do.

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