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Japanese Performance Car Magazines

Japanese individuals who like fast driving cars and racers are described as being “hashiriya”—whether they are on the racing circuits or simply dragging on their local Tomei Highway. Many online Japanese performance car magazines state that Japanese youth would prefer to drive fast beautiful cars than belong to the typical teenage gangs like many other countries, such as driving a red Nissan. And we know that fast engines and excellent braking are two of the main-line qualifications of high performance vehicles.

The online Japanese performance magazines or even ordering them through the traditional magazine subscriptions routings lists the latest performance vehicles—such as the New Mitsubishi Evo X. Many individuals consider that Japanese vehicles are the most reliable of all quality cars with a large variety to choose from. Things like quality, looks and quantity are considered when purchasing a new or used vehicle, built in the safest manner possible while maintaining excellent durability and high performance aspects. And it is important to recognize that Japanese vehicles are the lowest in price compared to vehicles from many other countries, which plays a huge factor in their global automotive manufacturing position.

Japanese performance car magazines  have shown us that  Japan is a global manufacturer of huge proportions, having six of the largest top ten automobile manufacturers, which produces many types of vehicles—Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Yamaya, Mitsubishi, and Mazda. Their luxury vehicle divisions include Acura, Infiniti, and the Lexus while their smaller manufacturers include ASL, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsouka, and Tommy Kaira.  Meanwhile, defunct Japanese brands consist of Prince, Otomo, Datsun, and Amati. All of these have brought Japan forward as a force to be reckoned with in the automobile world.

Performance vehicles are designed above and beyond normal automobiles with more power or higher engine output, along with better braking and suspensions. Most high performance vehicles cost more than the standard vehicles, and require more care and maintenance due to the advanced mechanicals involved in their complex systems. For this reason, Japanese performance car magazines list many of their country’s vehicles as high performance even though the traditional countries listed are Germany, Italy, or the UK– to name just a few.

Next to Italy’s Maserati Quattroporte luxury four-door sedan high performance vehicle, Japan’s Toyota Camry SE V-6 can be purchased as a fuel economy vehicles with 157 hp 4-cylinder. But its newer versions offer 3.5L V6, 24 valve, 268 hp at 6200 rpm, 6 speed automatic transmission, 19 mpg city/28 mpg hwy, and offers the finale of a 62 green rating. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Japan is considered one of the best for performance vehicles that are affordable.

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