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It’s No Scam: You Can Find Free Online Magazines

Sometimes the Internet doesn’t present itself too well. The most legitimate offers and services come across looking like pyramid schemes, scaring off people who might already be frightened of the Internet.

But the Internet twists the laws that apply to other mediums. Magazines and newspaper aren’t willing to part with quality material unless someone pays them first. The Internet, by contrast, has plenty of free online magazines that bring the content directly to the reader.

Just approach the process with an open mind. Your search for free online magazines could lead you into some dead ends, but that’s nothing that should deter you. A lot of Internet companies advertise free online magazines, but in reality they offer anything but.

Start big, then think small

The major search engines can connect you to a plethora of free online magazines. That’s where the amateur web surfer starts looking, but in reality it’s actually not that bad of an idea. Free online magazine are much like print magazines in that some publications command tremendous prestige, and other fully deserve their bad reputation. A mainstream search engine will take you to the more popular free online magazines.

The good news is that people who write for the web are much more comfortable giving away information. That means that you can find links on the web pages to more free online magazines.

What publications do the other free online magazines cite? Click on the link, and you’ve already found a second publication. Another good tip is to look at the writers, and see which publications they’ve written for. It’s rare to find a writer who’s written for only one free online magazine. The pay for online publications can be quite good, and there is often little time that elapses in between completing the assignment and getting paid for it. Most of these writers know a good thing when they see it, and stick with the online content.

Keep in mind also that many free online magazines have a very specific focus that may not fit you. Print magazines try to hit the widest general audience, so odds are you can easily find a magazine off the rack of a local bookstore that suits you. By contrast, many online magazines don’t try for the widest market.

Another good idea is the forums. Forums are a great place to get in touch with people who share many of your same interests, and most forum users are very familiar with the Internet. You’ve already got their attention, so why not ask them?

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