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IT Magazines Offering Magazines for Beginner onto the Professional

If you are reading this article at this moment you are most certainly using IT, although you may not know what it stands for.  IT is the abbreviation for information technology.  Information technology is all about the world of computers. In the broad sense it means the processing, managing, and editing of information stored in computer databases and on the Internet at large.  It has come to include computer software programs and computer oriented entertainment. There are IT magazines to weed through this information and guide you along certain aspects of the procedure. Choosing the right It magazines is as important as choosing the right computer hardware and applications to suit your needs.

IT can be tricky, it is not a unique word used exclusively for Information Technology, it is used in many places for many things.  For example the country abbreviation code for Italy is IT, IT is often used to refer to the Italian Language, IT can mean Iran Time, Institute of Technology (Ireland), Impulse Tracker which is a software program, a scientific journal called Transactions on Technology, Internet Technology, Inclusive Tour, a newspaper called the International Times in London, part of the brain called the inferotemporal cortex and more.  By now you can clearly see the need for IT magazines when you want to know more about Information technology.

There are a few excellent IT magazines available both in print and on the Internet, PC Magazine is one of them. PC showcases and reviews the latest hardware and software applications on the market. Pc Magazines keeps its finger on the pulse of Information Technology. PC magazine is a professional magazine geared to the people in the industry.  The professionals in the industry always write the PC magazine’s articles.

John C. Devork writes Inside Track, one of the magazine’s favorite columns.    Other columns by noted PC specialists include, First Look a column about the latest reviews, Pipeline offers short articles about new developments within the industry, Solutions is a column about how to articles, After Hours is an entertainment software computer related column, Abort Retry Fail, is a humorous column.

There is also User-to-User section where computer users can submit their questions for the experts to answer.  PC Magazine is no doubt the epitome of IT magazines today.

An interesting Indian publication for personal computer users is called Digit Magazine.  They use a cute little gimmick; in each issue you will find a DVD, a CD and booklet called Fast Track, with articles on photoshop, web publishing and open source software.  Digit magazine is a geared to the beginning and intermediate level computer owners.

A computer search will bring you to several other IT magazines of interest to users of all levels.  You will need to key in both IT (the abbreviation) and Information Technology magazines to get the best results.

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