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Indian Fashion Magazines

When we think of Indian fashion who can dispute the beautiful Indian Sarees also called Saris that this country is renown for?  The Sari is the classical dress of Indian and Pakistani women. The Sari is a full-length light cloth wrapped around the bottom as a skirt while the upper layer is either draped over the bust and shoulder or bust and head.  The midriff section of the body can be exposed, but not always.

Whether a Westerner has an Indian born friend, co-worker, or has seen a great Indian movie, for the most part, our knowledge of Indian fashion is very limited.  Now with the wave of Indian fashion sweeping over the west, Indian fashion magazines make the world of East Asian culture and fashion alive and vibrant.

The most comprehensive website for Indian fashion magazines and Indian culture and politics is, here you will get a little bit of everything from fashion in clothing, jewelry and accessories to health and education.  The web directory will bring you in reach of Hindi, Tamil, and English movie reviews, write ups on Viba, an organizer of talent shows, computer information, immigration requirements, travel, science and people in the news.

Fashion aficionados do know the international success of the highly acclaimed Elle Magazine, now India has her Elle India magazine as well.  Elle India is an Indian fashion magazine that lives up the monumental Elle magazine name. Travel the catwalks of India in the International fashion magazine now geared for the Indian and East Asian way of life.

Hurley’s magazine,, located in Mumbai, India, is an Indian fashion magazine with an international flare.  Hurley’s prides itself on the science of fashion, paying attention to form, color, size, shape and ascetics.  Hurley’s brings to you the best of fashion today. Hurley’s is a trendsetter, geared to ethnic fashion for the casual magazine reader, to the student of fashion design or professionals already in the business.  Everyone can appreciate this great Indian fashion magazine.

Images Fashions, was voted the third best Indian fashion website by the Hindustan Times. Images Fashions covers all kinds of fashion, from footwear, to makeup, to the latest in sports fashion.  In this Indian fashion magazine you will be directed to the newest Indian Boutiques carrying a wide selection of products, such as the Moon River Fashion floor in New Delhi where you can purchase ready to wear fashions in one great location, the Titan eyewear collection and talk about the latest Indian fashion models, and Indian designers alike.


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