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How to Break Into Online Business Magazines

We’ve seen time and again how quickly the markets change, how assets can empty and financial institutions can collapse in the blink of an eye. Many business experts have taken advantage of the Internet, and track the stocks and markets on a continual basis.

As a result, online business magazines have sprouted up that supplement the stock information. For the aspiring writer, this is the place to look for work.

Look no Further…

The articles at the front of print magazines are called front-end material. That’s where you find the quick hits of information, brief biographies, and snippets of news. Regular columns might go here, as well as the magazine’s smaller features. Of course, online business magazines have no cover, and therefore there is no real “front.” But many online business magazines keep a healthy amount of articles that resemble front-end content.

This is where you have the best chance of breaking in to online business magazines. The average person probably doesn’t have enough knowledge of the business sector to surprise an executive who’s made a career of being an economic expert. Nor does he have the connections to give them inside information or in-depth stories that will knock he editor’s socks off. But giving them a quick-hit front-end piece is a good way to get your foot in the door, and get much better assignments.

The Kinds of Work You’ll Do…

A good way to introduce yourself is by way of the business profile. Business publications, whether they’re international or online business magazines, will pay lots of money for profiles of successful companies, along with advice on how they succeeded. Many businesspeople read them knowing that they can gain some tips from these valuable articles.

The best place to find successful businesses is through your phonebook, or the local Chamber of Commerce. That should give you their names and numbers, but to get deeper you should begin cultivating relationships. Find out who the business experts are and invite them out to lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just an opportunity to get a lay of the land.

When you interview people, don’t keep the conversation strictly focused on the topic you want. Sometimes topics change throughout the conversation, and stories emerge than you never anticipated. Don’t let the opportunity pass; treat ever tip and topic as though it were a story.

When somebody says something, check it out and make sure it’s true. Never take anyone’s word for it. Online business magazines have tighter deadlines than their print counterparts, so the last thing an editor wants to do is worry about whether the article is true or not. By throwing facts and figures into your story, you can lend it more credence.

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