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How Fashion Magazines Influence the Taste and Shopping needs of Every Women

The Influence of fashion magazines has dominated the industry since over a century.  The American public was introduced to fashion magazines with the great fashion designer, Charles Fredrick Worth collection, in the 1860’s published in Harper’s Bazaar.  Afterwards fashion magazines appeared in France, the fashion capital of the world.  These early fashion magazines caught on so well and influenced so much that women became discriminating shoppers, looking for better designs and less off the rack clothing.  If they did not like the fashions of one designer they now had the opportunity to look for others.  Women learned the valuable concept of shopping for exactly what they wanted.

Dressmaking was also an industry that was heavily influenced by the new fashion magazines of the 20th century.  Women of means were no longer interested in having their clothes designed by virtual cottage industry unknowns; they wanted the dresses of the great fashion designers of the day.

Stiff competition has resulted as a direct result of fashion fights; the rich heiress, Hollywood star and local neighbourhood socialite must be seen in full regalia and always a cut above the competition.  It is a fashion faux pas to wear “last season” outfit, or to wear the same outfit twice. Coordination and appropriateness for the occasion at hand, brings the world of fashion into a science.

Not only do women judge themselves, they are judged by society as well.  Every young socialite wants to be seen as one of the world’s best-dressed starlet, celebrity or debutante. Then there are those who would cash in on the women’s need to look good.  Famous dress designer Richard Blackwell annually posts the Hollywood worst dressed list.  Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been among the women to make this list.  For some women, any kind of coverage is good coverage and being the worst dressed is as good as being the best dressed.  Several magazines such as People’s Magazine also publish the worst dressed celebrities each year as well.

Today the rise of high fashion magazines advertising has become such a drug in society that women with limited means, often spend more on fashion, clothing, makeup, and accessories than they do on the overall family budget.  Women are not content with a single pair of shoes they must have a pair to match every outfit.

The credit card has made it even easier to purchase extra items because no cash is changing hands at the time.  This type of buying has led to poor impulse control. Women see what they like and they just go out and buy it. It is fun, it is easy, and they do not have to pay until much later.

An important area surfacing today is the influence of fashion magazines upon self-esteem and body image. Some women literally starve themselves to get into a certain size or style of dress.  Tight fitting sexy outfits that reveal every curve of the body is always a fashion favorite and a fashion disaster for the overweight or lumpy female.  The fashion magazines especially influence teenagers and young women and this enormous burden of being slim and sexy has led to such illnesses as anorexia and bulimia.

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