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Going Global with German Business Magazines

Anyone attempting to learn German should make German business magazines part of their routine. Even those just beginning in the language can pick up on certain phrases and words or photo captions. Advanced and intermediate students are missing out on a very valuable part of building their vocabulary if they do not read German business magazines on a regular basis.

It is even easier to read German business magazines these days thanks to websites on the Internet that provide access to such publications for free. Germans are some of the most ardent readers of magazines and newspapers. You should try imitating them by reading German business magazines. The next best thing to being in Germany is to regularly read German business magazines.

Most German business magazines now offer an online version of their publications. Many only offer a portion of the printed edition of each issue online and they may even charge for some of the articles. Several German business magazines now publish in PDF format on their pages on the Internet that look like the original when you print them, including ads, photographs and any other graphics.

Along with the great German business magazines that are available on the Internet, you should also consider an occasional actual copy of a print magazine. If you happen to be in Europe, that will not be a problem. However, it is also quite possible to obtain publications in the United States and Canada. German business magazines can be quite costly outside of Europe. German business magazines sell for about $3 in Germany and cost triple that in the United States. This is why many readers opt for the online version of these magazines.

Sources for these magazines were rare in the past, however, now a days there are a few companies that make foreign media available. Amazon seems to have the most competitive prices when it comes to Germen media. They offer access to hundreds of German trade journals, newspapers and magazines. This is a great place to find a specific German magazine subscription that will not break your budget.

Reading German business magazines gives you the opportunity of a linguistic and cultural experience. Magazines feature the use of authentic language and provide abundant thematically and culturally pertinent images to helping you to understand. This provides you with both subtle and obvious cultural education.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting and popular German business magazines that are all available online:

* Wirtschaftswoche is a magazine that is publishes fifty-two weekly issues a year on business and economic topics.

* Harvard Business Manager is a monthly management journal featuring German-language articles that have been translated from the Harvard Business Review as well as original articles in the German language.

* Focus Money is a magazine that comes out each week, fifty-one times a year and covers topics relevant to business, economics, politics, investing, money and taxes.

* Manager Magazine is a magazine published on a monthly basis that focuses on economy and business.

* Deutschland is published by the Federal Foreign Office of Berlin and features a forum on business culture and politics.

No matter if you are just beginning to learn the German language or if you have spoken it fluently for years, you will enjoy and learn an abundance of useful information through German business magazines.

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