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Getting Graphic With Graphic Art Magazines

Graphic art has taken the world by storm and the number of graphic art magazines is doing a great job keeping up.  Styles and tastes seem to change real quickly these days and graphic artists need to keep up with what is hot and graphic art magazines help them do this.

Graphic art is not a new form of art but it is now used in so many aspects of life.  Graphic art is the art of print making and drawing.  There is a great need for graphic artists, especially with the importance of advertising.  There are many companies that offer the same products and services but the one who can capture the audience is the one that will stay on top.  Graphic art has also entered the world of automobiles and trucks.  As you drive down the road, your eye may be drawn to a creatively painted car or a truck’s unique logo.  This is the handiwork of artists that specialize in graphic art.  Magazines can help them keep up with trends but also get their work out to a wide range of people.

Graphic Guides

A few great graphic art magazines to enjoy are:

• Auto Art Magazine – This magazine is designed by graphic artists for graphic artists.  It is devoted to auto pin striping, lettering, custom painting, airbrushing, and other art forms that can be applied to a car or truck.  There are instructional articles on gilded striping, windshield etching, tools of the trade, and much more.  You can check out the art from graphic artists like, Russ Gerner, Jeff “KONG” Isbell, Brian “The Brush” Briske, and Howard Zeller to name just a few.

• Print Magazine – This American graphic art magazine specializes in aspects of design.  There are articles that look at modernism and how it has entered the kid market, forty years of campaign graphics, and book designs that didn’t make the first cut.

• Dynamic Graphics – This graphic art magazine not only focuses on the printed design but also web design.  There is updated news on Adobe what is new with them, how to use print to liven up corporate documents, packaging that pops, how to create custom curl shapes in Illustrator, and other vital graphic art tidbits.

In a world that has demanded more color and more excitement for their buck, graphic art has seen a rise in popularity.  Each artist or designer is trying to outdo the next, so that they may get the attention from the average consumer, the corporate decision maker, or the collector of graphic art.  Magazines can not only offer artist up to date information, but also the consumer so that they can be an informed buyer.


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