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Get the Information First From Online Teen Magazines!

Here’s a little secret for you – many major magazines get their news from smaller ones. It’s true, many editors have even admitted to it. They can’t be everywhere at once, so they rely on someone who is, even if that person is a competitor.

So how do they get away with it? It’s completely ethical; most reporting is a matter of following someone else’s lead and taking someone else’s information. The difference is that national magazines are supposed to do the tremendous writing job that online teen magazines couldn’t do. Maybe you should just find the right online teen magazine and save yourself the middleman.

How the Online Teen Magazines Work

Teen magazines, much like gossip magazines, work on an extensive network of tipsters, rumors and revelations. A seemingly harmless tip might lead to a big story, but the editors don’t have the time to really track it down for themselves. And print is far more permanent than the online content. Online teen magazines can post immediately, then add to the story as needed. With print, it’s in there forever once somebody writes it.

Print magazines also have many steps in between the actual story and the reader. Stories must go through editors, fact-checkers and printers. By contrast, there’s little distance when dealing with online teen magazines. The person who discovers the tip posts it to the web for the world to see. The national magazines will watch and wait, checking to see what floats and what doesn’t. What does work out will make its way into their magazines.

The national magazines are just playing it safe by letting the online teen magazines stick their neck out over potentially risky revelations. It’s the smart thing to do, but you can get the news faster by going straight to the source and making your mind up for yourself.

Where to Find Them

Naturally, your online teen magazine isn’t going to get nearly the kind of traffic that a traditional national teen magazine is going to get. You’re not going to find them on the shelves of your local bookstore, and you’re not going to get the national magazines to admit where they got their information. The best you can do is search for yourself.

Forums and chat rooms are a great place to start. They’re packed with people who are already quite Internet savvy, and familiar with the electronic medium. With just a few queries, you can easily find a plethora of online teen magazines.

Another good point is that online teen magazines are often much less profit-driven, and much more open about sharing their profits than their national counterparts. Find one online teen magazine, and you’ll doubtless find dozens more.

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