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Get the Best Computer Information from the Best Computer Magazines

Information on computer technology can be found nearly everywhere.  Computer information is available from friends, family, neighbors and even store clerks.  To get the most accurate up-to-date computer information, purchase the best computer magazines available.  The best computer magazines contain information on the latest hardware, software and peripherals.  As technology changes so must individuals knowledge of the technology around us.

Computer hardware goes through technological advances daily.  Computer hard drives started as physically large devices that held 128mb of data at the most.  The software applications used at the time were not installed on the hard drives; they launched right from the floppy disc.  Today computer hard drives are physically small and can hold terabytes of data.  The best computer magazines have information on the latest hard drives and news on the upcoming technology.

Computers now have specific functions that they can serve.  Some computers are designed as Media Centers.  The Media Center PC connects directly into home entertainment centers.  Software manages the media for example movies, music and pictures.  The media center allows the user to play the media on their entertainment center Plasma TV and on their surround sound speaker setups.  Another special function PC is a File Server.

Detailed information on this technology is available in the best computer magazines.  Instead of storing the media on the hardware that is connected to your entertainment center you can store it on a File Server.  This machine consists of a basic operating system and an array of hard drives.  To store video, music and images it is best to have a minimum terabyte of hard drive space available.  This computer would be connected to your home network so that all devices on the network can access your files, including the media center device that you connect to your entertainment center.

Full catalogues of music can now be carried with you thanks to advances in the MP3 players.  MP3 technology can be researched in the best computer magazines.  CDs contain one album from an artist.  MP3 players can hold many gigabytes of MP3 files.  The space available on a MP3 player can hold every CD made by many artists all at once.  MP3 files are digital copies of the original music recorded on CDs.  MP3 files are slightly compressed therefore relatively small.  The MP3 device itself can be very small due to the advances in hard drive technologies.  It is possible that a new MP3 player can be as small as a book of matches.

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