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Get Online With Computer Graphic Art Magazines

It isn’t a surprise that a new art form has developed along with the computer age.  We have gone beyond monochromatic blips and dots to a whole new world of computer graphic art.  Magazines have had to keep up with this demand as well.

What Is It Exactly?

You may have an idea about computer graphic art; magazines have done a good job showing you, but what is it exactly?  Well, it is considered to be a sub-field of computer science.  It is being able to digitally synthesize and manipulate visual content.  Basically taking a one dimensional image and making it come to life on your computer screen and beyond.  Normally computer graphics refers to three dimensional images, but it also pertains to two dimensional images and image processing.  Clip art would be a common example of basic computer graphic art.  Magazines have done countless articles on the uses of clip art and how they can enhance any project, be it for school, home, or business use.  We are a visual society that needs and demands to have the details put before us in a creative way that will hold our attention.  This is achieved with computer graphic art.  Magazines also help those in the business keep up with the times so they can offer their clients a hot new image.

A Couple Of Tools

There are several magazines that one can subscribe to, and two to mention would be:

• A List Apart – This computer graphic art magazine’s code is, “Fine-tuning the mechanics of progressive enhancement.  Rethinking the assumptions of standards-based design.”  Their articles include topics on the code, content, culture, design, process, and user science of computer graphic art.  Magazines like this have articles with titles like, “Web Standards 2008: Three Circles of Hell”, “Look At It Another Way”, and “Putting Our Hot Heads Together”.

• Atlas Magazine – This San Francisco (United States) based computer graphic art magazine is considered a webzine or ezine.  They offer photojournalism articles, graphics advice and examples, editorials, and a gallery of illustrations.  Their interactive homepage will link you to articles by names like – Adam Kufeld, Bob Sacha, Catherine Karnow, and Olivier Laude.

Computer graphic arts magazines are an important tool if you are a student or an artist, so you can stay fresh with your idea possibilities.  If you have a business and hope to liven up your humdrum website, then picking up one of these magazines will help you make some decisions on computer graphic art.  Magazines are a great resource to get a specific information tidbit out to a mass amount of people, including new job avenues or design ideas.  Check out a recent issue of a computer graphic art magazine and see what sparks your interest.

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