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Get in the Game With Computer Gaming Magazines

The computer gaming industry took in $9.5 Billion in 2007 in the United States alone.  Once starting as an electrical experiment in 1958, then a hobby in the early 1970s and now into a cultural lifestyle the gaming industry has changed the way people use their computers.  Computer gaming magazines center their articles on today’s games as well as what’s up and coming in the gaming industry.  The top games of today range from sports to online worlds where a character is played through fantasy scenarios and builds skills as time goes on.  First person shooting games are extremely popular with online game play where your character can join up with others online to battle.

Games of today require powerful computers.  The processors need to be more powerful than a standard office computer.  To get the advanced graphics available on the games, high-end video cards are needed to take full advantage of the images.  Extra peripherals used as game controllers are sometimes needed to control the players in the sporting games.  Due to all the advanced hardware, extra cooling is required to keep the computers running quick and efficient.  Staying up-to-date with what’s coming up in the world of gaming by reading computer gaming magazines has become a necessity for gamers.

Computer gaming magazines also supply critical gaming information.  They can contain clues and tips on certain stages of the games to assist in advancing, or even winning.  The magazines keep gamers up-to-date by writing articles on new released patches or updates can contain new stages or worlds.  Gamers use computer gaming magazines as a tool to assist them in completing or even living in some of the online worlds.  Computer gaming magazines have become a good source for new games to market what they have coming up.  The gaming industry is very competitive with hundreds of new games getting released a year.

The gaming industry is very complex and consists of many different types of specialties.  Creating a game first starts with the designers.  Once the game is designed the programmers then get involved to get the designers ideas on the screen.  Working closely with the designers and programmers are the artists, which creates the look for the characters or scenes required.  Computer gaming magazines post articles on the progress of the new games right about the time the designers have some characters ready.  After a good solid version of the game is ready the testers step in to run the game through its paces.  The testers look for flaws and recommend changes to better the game.

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