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Get Funky With Art And Airbrush Magazines

You may have gone to a county fair and seen the examples of air brushing on t-shirts or hats, but this newer art form has been taken to new levels.  Art and airbrush magazines help those discover new ways to use this art form and keep up to date with what is hot and what is not.

Airbrushing is achieved by using paints combined with the element of air.  This allows the artist to show depth and bring their designs to life.  Check out one of these art and airbrush magazines to see what it is all about.

Airbrush Art Magazine – True to its name, you will be able to read up on articles that pertain to this art form.  Find out how to airbrush certain clothing for yourself, gifts, or start a business.  Nail art can be a great way to use certain airbrushing techniques.  You can find new designs, ideas, and learn how to make those images three dimensional.  How about airbrush make up?  This could be a new service offered at your salon, read the article to find out more.  How about sun safety?  Do you know that you can receive an airbrush tan?  Well, this magazine covers that and more.  Maybe you are a student of art and airbrushing.  Magazines can be a great resource to learn the terminology that goes with it.

Airbrushing Technique Magazine – The magazine covers make you want to open up this magazine and read more.  They are pieces of art in of themselves; showing different airbrushing art creations.  The publishers of this art and airbrush magazine are artists themselves, so their passion comes out in the way this is all put together.  There are articles by artists like:  Danyell Butler, Lee Diaz, C.S. Bailey, and Tom Banics.  Perhaps learn a thing or two with one of the instructional articles.  Portraits on canvas, helmet trim, and panel portraits are to name just a few.

When you flip through these art and airbrushing magazines you see themes that are similar.  Full fantasy world scenes, Star Trek characters, dragons, fairies, places in a far off land, and others may capture your eye.  Airbrushing can be done on just about anything.  People are hiring these artists to paint their cars, their clothing, helmets, and even their tennis shoes.  The opinion seems to be that art and airbrushing can help show the world your individuality.

Maybe you paint as a hobby and have even played around with some art and airbrushing.  Magazines can help you refine your skill, get new ideas, give  you up to date news, list shows and exhibits, listing of schools and job opportunities.  Pick up one of these and see which way it may lead you.

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