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Free Online Computer Magazines Offer Hidden Gems

People often think that the best-looking, most expensive publications are the ones that produce the best information. These are the kind of magazines that win big awards, profit for big advertisers and have fancy photos on the cover.

But are they always the best source of information? When someone is trying to get more knowledgeable about computers, they may scoff at a free online computer magazine. But consider the content in the print publication versus their free counterpart. At least the free online computer magazines don’t open with 30 pages of advertisements.

Don’t always go to the glossy magazines when it comes to publications about computers and the Internet. The computer world has a long history of experts reaching out directly to the masses, with no middleman publication needed. The Internet has truly created a global community where you can be a neighbor to someone who lives in another country.

So what happens when your neighbor needs some friendly advice? Do you help your friend out, or do you charge him for it? Free online computer magazines are this global community in action.

The History of the Web

Most other mediums were regulated within a few years of their appearance. Early books could easily be suppressed, since the early printing presses were hard to relocate, and expensive to build. Radio was regulated soon after there was a profit to be made – in fact, the early radio heads went to the government for help first. Television suffered much the same fate.

The Web is different. The computer world remains open, despite various agencies’ best efforts to restrain it. Some obvious regulations remain, such as violent content and child pornography. By and large however, it’s a forum for someone to tell people what they know. Don’t be shocked if what they say carries some weight from time to time.

Forums that appeared in free online computer magazines offered specialized tips and fixes for computer processes, thereby bypassing the industries altogether. Some of the more daring free online computer magazines also give tips on using the machines for reasons other than what the manufacturer’s intended.

Most of the advancements in computer technology have all been a matter of improvisation, and these free online computer magazines are the ones offering this breaking advice. Open source program, for example, are open to anyone who wants to take a crack at improving them. Thus, they are continually being tweaked and improved, and the rules for operating them change quite a bit from time to time. You would benefit from learning more about such breaking technology. Unlike manufactured program, open-source programs have been tested by anyone who wants to try them.

A wide variety of programs are available on the Internet for free, many of which have some value to you as a computer user. It breaks all the rules for someone to give something away for free, but such is the reality of the Internet.

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