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Flying Around With Aviation Art Magazines

The world has been fascinated with aviation and the beauty it encompasses, since before the Wright Brothers made their first flight.  Aviation art magazines take this far out world and brings it down to the ground for all to enjoy.

Accessing Aviation Art

Many artists have made it a career choice to photograph, paint, or draw air crafts throughout the years.  The many aviation magazines have featured this unique art form.  A few great aviation art magazines to check out include:

• – This online aviation art magazine can link you to many aviation related topics which will bring you to further websites.  There are links to artists and galleries that strictly feature aviation art.  Sandy Lee, Anthony Addison, and Heinz Krebs are only a few mentioned artists.  You can read more about them and others that are able to bring the aviation world to life.  There is also a list of states that offer aviation museums.  If you are able to go to one of these, then you can witness some aviation art.  Magazines help get the information out there, but to see some of this in person is the greatest.

• Michael O’Neal Aviation Art – This artist has made a career of painting WWI aircraft.  The artist is able to put you within each scene and you feel as if you are piloting on of these aircrafts.  The clouds are so realistic that you think you can reach out and touch one.  Not only does the artist capture the plane’s details but also the feeling of the time.  You can read an article in Auto Pilot Magazine that tells the history of how he came to aviation art.  Magazine articles help the reader step inside the artist’s world, even for just a moment and then they can get a better understanding of their inspiration.

• Popular Aviation – This is an older publication that was also printed under the names of Aeronautics and Flying.  If you have the chance, check out their websites and see the covers of these magazines.  Aviation art comes in the form of magazine covers too. You can also see photographs (both novice and professional) of different air crafts.  There are photographs of modern day airplanes in different parts of the country.  These air planes and those lucky enough to be in them have bird’s eye views of the world and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds us.  These photographs are able to capture this.

Aviation art magazines cover the different aspects of aviation.  The covers of these magazines, the people they interview, and the air craft they feature can whisk you away to another time and place.  So, grab a drink, a snack, and an aviation art magazine and get flown away.

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