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Finding the Best 100 Free Computer Magazines?

Choosing the top 100 of anything is never easy; or the top 10, for that matter. When it comes to rating something, people are generally guaranteed to clash and disagree. While some might hold a certain aspect in high regard, others might not mind at all. For example, the best music album of all time – how do you ever decide what the best collection of music ever is, when people’s taste varies so much? Thankfully, finding the best 100 free computer magazines is a little easier.

Unlike music, magazines have several static values which leave little for subjective opinions to argue about. Some of these values include:


What is the magazine’s purpose and genre? Is the content valuable, and does it serve a purpose to the reader? For people to want to read it, magazine needs to be informative and entertaining – even when it comes for free.


Similar to content, for a publication to make the list of best 100 free computer magazines it would surely need to provide quality material. This includes keeping up to date with technological advancements, releases and events.


A web based magazine shouldn’t be targeting itself to a 70 – 75 year old demographic, and in the same respect, content enclosed should be relevant to the audience.

User friendliness

This includes prompts during the sign up phase, and delivery throughout the subscription period. Customer service sometimes sticks with customers more than the actual product being marketed, so it’s important to keep subscribers happy.


What better way to find the best 100 free computer magazines, then to simply measure popularity? Although this aspect leaves room to miss smaller, yet quality publications, it does bring to the top the highest ranking and generally superior magazines. As is the case with all magazine values, each should only be used in conjunction with other values, to conclude an overall top 100 list.

There is a wealth of previously documented best 100 free computer magazines lists already available on the internet, based on some, or all of the aspects mentioned here. The important thing to mention when gathering information from the internet, is to consider the data’s source, and whether there might be any hidden agendas involved – usually in regards to magazine publishes trying to push they’re own product.

At the end of the day, personal preference will also deny a definitive best 100 free magazines list. The best any individual can ever do is observe the abovementioned criteria in order to filter prospective entries, and narrow down the selection based upon them.

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