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Finding Free Magazines Online

Perhaps you’ve heard about them, perhaps you haven’t – either way, the question is, are there really opportunities to get free magazines online? It almost seems too good to be true, right? Why would someone want to give away content, or anything for that matter, for free?

Free magazines online are available, from a wide range of web based vendors. There are a couple of reasons these opportunities are possible:

Marketing Tactics

Free magazines online can sometimes be found offered on a trial bases, with the view of promoting a paid subscription once the free period has finished. These types of offers can still be completely free, provided the reader is willing to opt out of any subscription once the free period has completed, against all efforts of the vendor.


Free magazines can sometimes absorb some of the cost of publishing by including some additional advertising to normal magazines. This may be a turn off to some people, however, it does allow magazine publishers to publish and distribute magazines slightly cheaper.

Web Basis

By publishing free magazines online, the cost of printing is eliminated. Depending on the magazine, this cost can eat a large part of any budget, and by therefore eliminating it, magazine companies are able to make considerable savings.

Details trade

Some dealers will supply free magazines to professionals in any given field, based on gaining their details with the intention of third-party marketing. These dealers are then paid a commission per referral they supply. This model usually only incorporated in regards to professional based magazines, such as science or business, where there is the strong possibility of flow on retail sales to follow.

As mentioned previously in this article, free magazines online are widely available from a variety of web based merchants. Some offer magazines around a central theme, such as computer, while larger vendors carry a library covering everything from art decorating to automotive repair.

The biggest disadvantage of free magazines online is that content can sometimes take a seat to advertising, given the requirement to cover costs through direct advertising. The misuse of personal details is also sometimes an issue, with subscribers being targeting for further marketing.

Free magazines online do exist, and can provide a wealth of non-cost information for anyone from IT professionals, to brides-to-be. Customers should be warned to be extra careful when signing up for offers, especially where there is a free period, and ensure they’re not being into any payment obligations. The other major consideration which should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind before signing up for any free magazines online, is where their personal details are going, and for what use they’re going to be used.

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