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Find the Best Magazines Online

Odds are that you’ve never read your favorite magazine. That’s because you never had the opportunity.

You favorite magazine could be the regional publication in a state you’ve never visited, or an art magazine that never leaves select cities. Unless you visit either, you have no way to find them, and no way to enjoy them. The Internet anticipates that problem, and makes it easier for you to find your favorite magazines online.

Many magazines that never made an impact are finally reaching an internationally audience through the Web. They’re proving that you don’t need an international scope to produce quality worthy of one. In fact, many of the mainstream writers contribute material to both the well-known and lesser-known publications. These regional publications are diamonds in the rough, and now it’s easier than ever to find those magazines online.

Where to start?

Even the most inexperienced web surfers can find magazines online. A web search through a popular search engine will turn up a few publications, or at least provide a few links that direct you to what you’re looking for. Of course, that’s all for the beginners. Other searches can take you to where you want to go much faster.

For starters, much of the web surfing happens by way of hyperlinks as well as search engines. Many people start with a specific goal in mind, hence the search engines. But that initial search often leads them in place they hadn’t thought of before. A web page might have an interesting link that develops a specific point in more detail. You could find yourself so immersed in that one point that you lose sight of what you were originally searching for.

Many websites have links to publications they’ve enjoyed. If you hand around forums or chat rooms, they’ll likely be dropping links to great magazines left and right. Or they’ll just send you links to particular stories and features they enjoyed. Click for the story, then find the magazine online.

Of course, directories are also a great place to start. There’s directories out there for print publications, but those publications seldom include online magazines. You’ll have to do a search for a directory that caters to magazines online. Try doing a search for “zines” which is another slang term for these online publications.

Finding the right directory can be hard. Unfortunately, many directories do searches by entering a keyword into another search engine. The ideal is where you can narrow the search bit by bit, and see all the options you have. Who knows? You started out looking for one magazine. By the time you finish, you could have several.

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