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Fashion Trade Magazines Have Their Finger on the Pulse of Every Area of The Fashion Industry

The Fashion trade is one of the biggest businesses in the world today.  The reason for this is that everyone on this planet must wear clothes, from the pregnant mother to the newborn baby, teenager, and men or woman of all ages; everyone must wear clothes.  Another wonderful aspect of wearing clothes is that just like the food we eat on a daily basis, most of us need to change clothes to fit the occasion.  What we wear around the house is far different from what we wear to the office, factory, night on the town, or even a simple day at the beach.  We need clothes, and we need a variety of clothes.  Fashion trade magazines, monopolize on this never ending demand for clothes, and depending on the specialty of the magazine, fashion trade magazines will appeal to the ultra rich on down to the people of modest means.

The fashion trade is usually a two tier business, on the one hand you have the wonderful runway model shows showing the top of the line designer outfits and then you have the fashion trade shows displaying apparel that is cheaper and more accessible to the general public; fashion trade magazines will address both aspects of the industry showcasing and often advertising time and location for the runway and fashion trade show events.

The Trade Show Directory is an important resource to use when you are trying to locate trade shows in your area.

For the latest in Canadian trade shows the Toronto Fashion Show Incubator this directory will let you know what is happening in the major fashion cities in Canada.  Whether you are looking for everyday apparel or bridal wear you will find it there.

There are online fashion trade magazines as well. The Conde Nast Company magazines such Glamour, Allure, GQ and Vanity Fair are among them.

A new magazine called Apparel magazine has come onto the scene.  It has a directory of fashion trade magazines.

• Apparel Contracting sourcebook, keeps an update apparel lines and sewing and garment (needle trade industry) and more.

• Apparel Design and Production Hand Book references technical producers, manufacturers, designers, and fashion industry executives.

• Apparel Strategist is designed to bring all the latest trends in the fashion industry. There other manuals available as well that caters to a certain specialty such as men and boys clothing.

• The Independent Sales Reps Apparel and Accessories lists verified buyers, executives, discount stores, manufacturing, supermarket, drugstore chain stores, off price outlets; warehouse member ships clubs, and more.

Visit the site to review the other fashion trade magazines for your personal or shopping needs.

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