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Fashion Magazines Plus Size Women: A Once Forgotten Industry in Canada

Fashion magazines, plus size women are now in vogue today.  Remember the time when larger women couldn’t get any decent clothes to wear?  Women of all sizes love beautiful clothes, yet the dress designers somehow had the notion that only slim or average sized women cared about fashion.  Nice clothing was for the fit and women who did not fit the required size was left out in the cold. In other words, fashion magazines plus size women was a concept virtually unheard of.

Because a plus size woman does not have the perfect shape it does not mean that she does not have an eye for beautiful clothes and a desire to wear them.  Everywhere she turned there was beautiful fashion for the average to slim women but nothing for a larger woman. Larger women searched from store to store, looking to find clothes that would fit them.  They combed all the fashion magazines, and anything beautiful, stylish and young seemed to be in smaller sizes.

Women starved themselves to get into a smaller dress sized, because they loved the dress, or it was the largest fitting dress on the rack.  Some women resorted to having dressmakers custom make dresses to fit their girth.  There was very little to go by, even the dress patterns did not always flatter the larger figure.  There was not much help from fashion magazines plus size women designs.

It seemed that no one, least of all the fashion designers, thought that larger women wanted high fashion designs.  The common belief was that larger women were stay at home moms and housewives content to sit at home in sweats or loose fitting sack dresses.  For the most part fashion designers helped make this myth come true.  Since there were no fashion magazines plus size women models to go by, some larger women did feel content to stay at home in comfortable but not very fashionable clothing while others stayed at home out of necessity.

Many larger women opted out of soirees and other social events, only because they could not find any fashionable clothes to fit them.  These women were discouraged and upset that they could not find anything decent to wear.

Larger women began to feel like a neglected segment of society. This feeling of being neglected, abandoned, and ignored also wrecked havoc on their self- esteem.  It actually became a double-edged sword.  On the one hand was the neglect for beautiful fashion for the plus size women and on the other were the media hype about being the perfect shape, getting a model figure, and dieting to do it.

Dieting became a multi million-dollar business, which still exists in the world today.  Some of these plus size women were not necessarily dieting to lose weight as much as they were dieting to be able to find the fashion magazines plus size women fashionable clothing that was once exclusive to average sized and slim women.

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