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Fashion Magazines in France are Among the World’s Greatest Fashion Magazines

Where there is culture and beauty there is the French.  No doubt this culture, which strives on the ascetics will be also produce some of the world most prominent fashion magazines. Fashion magazines in France, promote the beauty of a nation and the beauty of its people.

If a single poll was taken on any street in the USA or Canada asking to name the top fashions magazines that come to mind, the French international Magazine simply called Elle, would be one of the top magazines mentioned. The surveyor would not have to qualify that the survey was on fashion magazines in France.  Elle magazine has made the grade worldwide.

Elle is such a comprehensive magazine that it is hard to top. Many fashion runway models have been featured on the cover of this magazine. In October 2007, Belgian born Elsie Crombez, was featured. Elle brings the world of high fashion to the world of common folk, with runway models wearing the most beautiful and latest fashions from the world greatest designers.  Celebrities are photographed in classic or outrageous expensive clothing; while filmed in Europe or the Hollywood scene.

As a world magazine, Elle offers gossip from the celebrity world, promotes fashion, beauty, health and entertainment.  Elle is not only one of the top fashion magazines in France; it is the top fashion magazine of the world.  Elle started publication in 1945.  The readership for Elle is women from 19 to 49 years of age.  Elle has grown to an impressive distribution of 39 divisions worldwide, including Elle New York, and Elle India.

Every discerning woman consults Elle for all her fashion accessories. Designers have been featured, as well as world accessories and perfume houses such as Christian Dior and Givenchy. Fashion does not stop at a beautiful dress; the hair, the shoes, the jewelry, the makeup, the perfume and the purse come together and complete the look.  Elle shows everyone how to do it.

You will find Inter Style Paris, among the leading fashion magazines in France. This magazine also promotes model runway fashions, as well as “Trends in fashion, fashion designers, collectors, shopping, salons textiles, fashion design competitions, correspondence courses introduction to fashion design ..”.  The online magazine is in French but provides an English translated version.

Vogue Magazine for women has an international base and a France is one of them.  Vogue is also a high quality fashion magazine with the latest news on world fashion.  Coco Channel has been featured several times in this world-class magazine.  Vogue Magazine for men, Vogue Homme International originated in France, and includes the erotica in men’s fashion designs.

Marie Claire is another international magazine that ranks among the major fashion magazines in France. Marie Claire online provides health and beauty tips, daily horoscopes, articles on love and marriage, ecology and more.  You can even sign up for the online newsletter.

When thinking fashion, remember the fashion magazines in France, they are always on the top of everyone’s fashion list.

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